Amazonite: The Key to Peace of Mind, Open Mindedness, and Clear Communication

A few years ago, I was addicted to engaging in political “debates.” These debates were actually nasty arguments. I consistently found myself in arguments on social media, consuming most of my time. I remember I would ignore my company and even my child for hours while vigorously typing, shoving my opinion down the throats of others because I was right and I was going to make you admit that I was right. Anger would devour me. I would wonder why other people were so close-minded and arrogant. It was affecting me more than I realized and I wanted to steer myself away from it. I was embarrassed. My Facebook timeline was full of threads of debates with hundreds of comments. I imagine people reading those threads, eating popcorn and quietly judging the argument in their minds.

I went to a local crystal store with Stephanie and asked the employee which crystal would be best to help me with my problem. They recommended an Amazonite bracelet. It was supposed to help me with keeping an open mind and assist with clear, calm, and thoughtful communication. I wore that bracelet every day and regressed from political debates. Today, I do not engage at all. I keep scrolling.

Recently, I had to have an uncomfortable discussion with someone where I had to set boundaries and express my grievances. I knew I had to also be willing to hear and listen (two different things) to their sentiments. I brought with me a smoky Amazonite tumble and kept it in my pocket, rubbing it while engaging in this discussion. The results were better than I could have asked for. The conversation did not become an argument. It was a productive discussion where two people listened to each other and came together to find a solution.

Amazonite is known to help you speak your truth. There are those people who never speak up because they are either afraid of confrontation, or, too self-conscious and insecure. There are people like me who bottle things in because of those reasons and then explode when they reach their breaking point. Life is easier when humans are able to communicate with one another in a productive and constructive way. When we speak our truths and keep an open mind, we become happier and more secure.

Some ways to use Amazonite:

-Grid with Amazonite to assist with communication. I have added Amazonite to my love grid to ensure healthy communication remains a staple in our relationship.

-Wear Amazonite to help you go about your day with an open mind and with the courage to speak up. 

-Add Amazonite crystals to your altar or your space to assist with positive vibrations and peace of mind.

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