Charoite- An Empaths Crystal

As a very obvious empath to those around me, it took me a long, long time to realize there was a way to protect myself. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t forget, slip up, and then suffer.


If you’re wondering what an empath is, I’ll first explain “symptoms” so to speak. Sometimes, I get upset and have no idea why. You think, well maybe I’m depressed? Yeah, could be. There are times I have to think about where and who I’ve been around. If I have been around someone struggling, angry, upset, odds are my mood is because I’ve been consumed by those emotions.  If I’m around someone who anxious, I’ll feel it and sometimes before they can even say anything. You cry? I cry. You’re mad? I’m mad. You’re struggling? I’m struggling. 


I started pulling tarot’s more often lately in the morning. I feel this mentally prepares me for the day. If spiritual and emotional protection is needed, I IMMEDIATELY go to my charoite pendants and lab. But we are here for the Charoite. Charoite has been a go to stone for me for a very long time. It’s a rare Russian purple stone known for empaths. It is an amazing crown chakra stone as it helps awaken your spiritual wisdom. More of its known metaphysical properties include cleansing the chakras by converting negative energy into healing, reduces stress and worry. Charoite is also said to be good for even those with ADHD and Autism.


I been compelled to always have Charoite on me, tumbles or pendant, more so than usual. I feel its my protection. Please keep in mind I have to WORK with the crystals. So yes, you wear or carry a particular crystal, but if I am not attuned with it, I feel it does not work for me. It is more than just carrying and wearing. I need to be spiritually connected and focused on what I want from it. Everyone has their own way, has what works for them. This is what works for me. I hope I can help someone out there with my experience. Whether it being able to identify as an empath or sources of remedies.


Lots of love & light,



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