Citrine: A Journey to Prosperity

Before we started our business, we used to buy most of our crystals via other sellers’ Facebook LIVES.  I had become more familiar with the metaphysical properties of crystals by then.  I was, and I still am, absolutely convinced in their abilities to help us manifest what we desire.  I was in financial trouble.  It is not easy for a single mom who started her life over from scratch a few years ago to get by, especially where I live.  Long Island is so expensive!  I was probably in no position to be buying crystals.  However, had I not believed in their usefulness; I would not have continued to purchase.

I was continuously asking my then “dealer” for Congo Citrine.  I began begging.  I just had to have it.  The reason why I asked for Congo Citrine is because I thought that was the only natural Citrine on Earth.  I know better now.  They were able to obtain natural Citrine from Brazil and warned us in advance that it was going to be pricey.  I did not care.  I bought the most expensive piece they had, a large generator shaped tower.  It was perfect!  I knew I had to do two things; grid and make a prosperity altar.  I took a three-tiered shelf I had used for my books and trinkets when I was younger upstairs from the basement and used that (it is still in use today).  I set a Triple Moon natural cloth grid at the top and at the New Moon I made my grid.  My grid consisted of the stunning natural Citrine generator as the focal point and I used Pyrite, Clear Quartz, and Rose Quartz tumbles. 

The change was remarkable, and I am still in awe today.  Shortly after doing so, Stephanie and I started our business.  We mentioned in our “About Us” blog that we always knew we wanted to do something with our craft.  Well, all the pieces miraculously came together around then and we started Eclectic Coven.  Eclectic Coven was supposed to only be a side gig.  We both worked full-time, barely getting by, and we figured we would be some low-key sellers.  A year later, we are one of the largest crystals, apothecary, and metaphysical retail stores to do LIVES on Facebook.  We have a flourishing website.  We are both in a financial situation that we could not have dreamed of a year ago.

We see many people buy heat-treated Citrine for much less money.  While we both agree that heat-treated Citrine still holds many of the same metaphysical properties as natural Citrine, I am more partial to natural Citrine.  Chances are, if your Citrine was cheap to purchase, it is heat-treated.  If it looks like a yellow Amethyst cluster, it is heat-treated.  Natural Citrine is a kind of Quartz, it does not grow like Amethyst.  It is my understanding that natural Citrine is rare and can be found in a few places on Earth; Africa, Russia, Brazil, and in some extremely rare cases, in the United States.  Most of the natural Citrine we sell is from Brazil.  We have been lucky enough to obtain some Congo Citrine, however, we are careful with who we buy from as the harvesting there can be quite brutal, and we will not support that.

Natural Citrine is a personal favorite of mine.  As previously stated, it started my prosperity altar.  It is known as “the Merchants Stone” because of its ability to bring prosperity to business owners.  Many business owners will place a piece of natural Citrine near or in their cash register or their safe because of its ability to generate and sustain business.  It is a crystal that is strongly associated with the Sacral Chakra.  Passion is inherent to the Sacral Chakra.  It does not have to mean sexually.  If you are passionate about your business or employment journey, Citrine truly assists with that.  Like Carnelian, Citrine assists with creativity, tenacity, and focus.

If you are looking to better your financial situation, we strongly recommend adding Citrine to your crystal healing practice.

Blessed Be

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