Eudialyite - A Stone of Vitality

Looking for energy throughout your day?  Eudialyte is the stone to carry with you that will help you achieve all your goals.  This stone is known to act like a battery that adds energy to you when you're feeling off your game or just need that extra boost.  It will remind you of the skills and talents your possess and will also show you your untapped potentials, inspiring you to make changes that will improve your life.  By increasing your physical vitality, this stone will keep you moving - providing you with the strength you need to achieve your goals.  This stone is UV reactive.  UV reactive stones are known to provide extra energies than other stones.

Eudialyte is also a strong protection stone, always looking out for your best interests.  It is known to also act like a protective shield to block negative energies cast your way and those within yourself.  If you are worried about negative people coming into your circle, carry this stone with you to be sure to cast them out. 

By adding this stone to your workplace, this stone will assist in creating an environment with you are respected, admired, and supported.

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