Optical Calcite - Healing and Metaphysical Properties

Optical Calcite is the ideal and ultimate Reiki crystal because of its ability to fracture light, providing us with colors that simultaneously cleanses and realigns all of our chakras.  Like Clear Quartz, Optical Calcite is considered to be a Master Healer because it is a powerful amplification stone and can be attuned to any intention you wish to set.  

A powerful cleanser, a piece of Optical Calcite in a room can clear away negative energies and uplift the energetic atmosphere.  Because of its high vibration and amplification abilities, this crystal can provide you with more energy needed to perform your daily tasks.

Practitioners use Optical Calcite as a scrying stone.  By staring into the stone in a meditative gaze, you can see visions; messages from angelic realms, ancestors, and intuitive messages of what is to come.

Golden/yellow Optical Calcite provides a more soothing energy than clear.  With clear, you will really feel the jolt of energy.  With Golden/yellow Optical Calcite, the vibration is slightly more calming.



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