Pietersite Metaphysical and Healing Properties

Pietersite Metaphysical Properties:


Pietersite is a wonderful stone for empaths and for people who experience social anxiety and even those who identify as socially awkward (like me).  By helping you cope with inner conflicts, Pietersite helps you remain distanced and protected, without seeming cold, unapproachable, or disconnected.  It strengthens your personal power by improving your self-esteem, happiness, excitement, and courage.  


Pietersite is known to provide the wearer with confidence in their perceptions.  Those who second guess themselves will find a new assurance in their opinions, judgments, and actions; providing an improvement in personal and social interactions by dispelling misimpressions of separateness even if imposed by other people.


A mind opening stone, Pietersite removes mental and verbal conditioning that have been imposed on you by others such as parents, relatives, teachers, and those in power or authoritative roles.  Along with opening your bind, it is a Base Chakra stone which provides you with support, grounding, and strength - a wonderful boost to your personal power and overcoming fear.

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