Rose Quartz: A Love Story

Many of our followers on social media know how much I (Teaghan) love Rose Quartz and how that particular crystal turned me into a believer concerning the use of crystals as tools for manifesting what we desire. 

Here’s my story:

It is hard to find true love these days!  I grew up reading books and watching love movies, captivated by the idea of engaging in a true romance like Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, or Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton in Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook. Real life is much different.  It is not every day you see couples running to each other in desperation and kissing in the rain.  In fact, I have never witnessed that.  Ever.  My romances were more in line with horror stories.  I was married in 2013, divorced in 2015.  After that, I found myself in toxic relationships – one after the other.  I did not realize it then but I got exactly what I thought I deserved.  Without admitting it to myself or to others, and perhaps, without even knowing it – I thought that I deserved damaged men because that was all I was good for.  When I say damaged, I mean emotionally damaged.  Men who are either narcissistic, pathological liars or abusive in some way.  I hung on to those relationships to the very end.  In 2018 that all changed.  I handed back my engagement ring to almost husband number 2 and set out on a completely unexpected journey. 

The first thing I did was for myself:  I made a decision to stay single for a year.  I told myself I was going to love myself – I just really did not know how.  Unconsciously, that was the first act of self-love I took in a while; giving myself time to heal, to get to know and love myself, and to figure out what I want.  When I was ready, I did some homework and found that Rose Quartz was great for manifesting love into your life.  It also a great crystal to promote self-love, universal love towards all, and attract true love.  It aids in healing failing relationships, fixing your relationship with yourself, and attracting true love into your life.  I bought a palm stone and really tuned that crystal to my very essence.  I held it throughout the day, taking it with me everywhere.  I slept with it under my pillow.  I sat with it while tanning on the beach.  I charged it under the full moon.  That crystal gave me all of its energy and the Universe responded.  Prospects started coming in out of nowhere – but I knew right when I met him, he was the one.  Oddly enough, I met him crystal shopping.  I took my Rose Quartz love several steps further and built a love (or self-love) altar.  I cleared off my vanity and began to adorn it with Rose Quartz flames, spheres, skulls, and free forms. I added Rhodonite, Ruby in Zoisite, Pink Tourmaline, and other crystals affiliated with manifesting love.  I got creative and added pyrite to keep our love abundant, Amazonite to keep an open mind and assist with communication, and Selenite to cleanse, charge, and protect my crystals.  As my relationship progressed, I started adding cards, pictures, keep sakes, and candles to keep my altar personal.  I also have a small statue of Venus on there – the Goddess of Love.  I can honestly say I am in the happiest and healthiest relationship I have ever been in, romantically. 

The Universe responds to our energies.  We may say something aloud, however, if our energy does not match what we are saying – the Universe is deaf.  There is no “faking it until making it” here.  You have to BE it.  Crystals are extremely useful tools in shifting our energies and vibrations.  I easily manifest what I desire when my vibrations match my intentions – that is the very essence of the Law of Attraction.  After my successful experience with Rose Quartz, I have continued on to other intentional altars and grids.  Those intentions have also come to fruition today

Blessed Be, 

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