Shungite has many amazing metaphysical properties. It’s been used to purify water. Some of its metaphysical properties include EMF protection, psychic protection and cleansing. Use this stone during a spiritual cleanse & meditation to clear away anything negative that is attached to you. This stone will also help during meditation for astral travel. Said to bring light during dark times in your life.


Shungite is found mainly in Shunga, a village in Russia. Fullerness is found in Shungite, which is a type of carbon. Shungite is made 99% of carbon. Although there is no direct link as to when it was first founded, this stone is said to be over 2 billion years old.  


We have a few different Shungite items such as tumbles, palm stones spheres & a stunning pyramid. Below is a link for our palmstones:

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