Dendritic Opal Metaphysical and Healing Properties

Dendritic Opal is known as a shamanic stone; it will assist the user in going into deep meditation - way back into past lives, it allows the user to tap into hidden universal energies, increases spiritual growth, bring harmony and balance into the users life, and raises vibrational frequencies.  

It is said this crystal will serve as a scanner to your energetic field, raise your vibration, heal your soul, and help you attain the best version of yourself.  


Psychics, mediums, and mystics of all kinds use this stone for astral travel and universal exploration because of the stone's ability to induce deep meditation and bring about stronger intuitive abilities.

Our souls undergo many experiences and transitional periods.  One period known as the "dark night" is the transitional period before a soul realizes its inner truth.  This period is often traumatic, bringing up deep emotional wounds.  Dendritic Opal is known to heal those wounds and make this period a more joyful and less painful process.

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