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Dendritic Opal Metaphysical and Healing Properties

Dendritic Opal is known as a shamanic stone; it will assist the user in going into deep meditation - way back into past lives, it allows the user to tap into hidden universal energies, increases spiritual growth, bring harmony and balance into the users life, and raises vibrational...

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Angelite Metaphysical and Healing Properties

This lovely blue stone provides a calming and soothing vibration that releases tension, stress, resentment, anger, and frustration.  Placing an Angelite next to your bed can relax you into a deep, peaceful sleep.  Carrying Angelite with you can heighten your awareness and promote peace, understanding, brotherhood, and calm...

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Pietersite Metaphysical and Healing Properties

Pietersite Metaphysical Properties: <> Pietersite is a wonderful stone for empaths and for people who experience social anxiety and even those who identify as socially awkward (like me).  By helping you cope with inner conflicts, Pietersite helps you remain distanced and protected, without seeming cold, unapproachable, or disconnected. ...

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Prehnite - The Stone to Heal the Healer

Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Prehnite: Prehnite is a strong Heart Chakra stone and known to provide unconditional and infinite love.  Known as the Stone to Heal the Healer, Prehnite is great for those who are empaths or healing practitioners; reiki, doctors, nurses, CNA's, metaphysical workers, therapists, etc. ...

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