Lepidolite: Holistic Medicine for Anxiety

I remember being 18, at work, hidden in the corner of the customer service area. I was experiencing the tightness of my chest; I was clammy and clueless as to what was going on. My family was away and I drove myself to the doctor. I was scared and could barely catch my breath. I knew the word “anxiety” and I had experienced it for years. When I got to the doctor, he explained that I was having a panic attack. Shortly after I was experiencing them more often.

I struggled for years and years, just like so many others. I tried medication, self-help books, alcohol; I tried it all at that time, that I thought would work. My anxiety and panic attacks were paired with drug and alcohol abuse. It wasn’t until I got sober, that I tried to get the “proper” handle on my anxiety and the attacks that followed. I started meditating, which wasn’t easy with me being such an ancy person. The meditation was soon involved with crystals when I was introduced to amethyst. I slowly incorporated it into meditation and noticed it started helping.

Amethyst was the first stone I ever worked with but it Lepidolite that really spoke to me and my anxiety. Lepidolite is an amazing stone known to help relieve stress and anxiety. I remember the first time I had even heard of it. I was so intrigued and I purchased a lepidolite heart.  Lepidolite is a lithium-rich mica mineral. I have made a nice little ever-growing collection of lepidolite. I have skulls, palm stone, tumbles, bracelets, pendants and even a beautiful buddha head.

First thing in the morning I go to my crystals and choose one (or more) to carry, hold or wear for that day. The days I gravitate to my lepidolite the calmness that comes over me is always gratifying. I can’t explain the sense of relief I truly get any time I carry my palm stone, or wear my bracelet. I have my skulls and buddha placed at desk and dresser. Sometimes I switch it up, but I just really always need them near and dear. I wish the feeling could be transferred to others when I rub my palm stone, when I am feeling overly anxious or when I feel an attack coming. I can only wish that others felt that relief or the reaction with a crystal. That experience alone made me a believer. Don’t give up if you have not “found” your crystal, it will come when you least expect it and when it does you will know the feeling!

Love & Light, 

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