Moss Agate - A Stone of New Beginnings, Prosperity, and Abudance

Agates are very calming stones.  All the various types of agates are known to provide many soothing energies that calm tense situations.  In addition to the generic healing properties of agates, Moss Agate is a stone of new beginning, prosperity, and abundance.

Back in the 18th Century, European farmers turned to this stone to bring about abundance and their harvests.  Today, many healers turn to this stone to invigorate their plants.  Placing this stone around plants and flower produces a brighter bloom.  The same goes for the work place or your prosperity altar - a more bountiful flow of business and an abundant bank account.

This stone also has wonderful grounding properties.  Many people practice grounding by walking on the natural ground barefoot.  By holding this stone or keeping it close by, it is said to produce the same effect.  

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