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Blessed Be! Eclectic Coven started in October 2019 by best friends, Stephanie & Teaghan.

We always had a want to do something like this for the longest time. Things fell into place mid-October of last year. Our spiritual journey started in 2014. Both at different times, but it brought us together September of 2014. The highest of powers brought Teaghan into my life. My journey led me to so many different people, and one special person introduced me to my very first crystal tumble. What started out as just a new collection turned into so much more. It took some time for me to have my first crystal healing experience. I remember going to different metaphysical shops, shopping for tumbles. My friend brought me to a Shamans place out East and I fell deep in love.

I believe my first experience with healing hands was with a reiki practitioner. She came to my home and proceeded to heal me. It really, truly, opened my eyes. Specifically, my third eye. This turned me into a believer and showed me that there was something bigger out there; I had only just tapped into it. After a few sessions, this was when I was introduced to the Shaman. I had a massive migraine during one of my visits to the Shamans home. He took a piece of azurite and placed it on my third eye chakra. He started our session and honestly, my migraine dimmed and I was taken aback. Experience after experience, I continued to be curious. I bought crystal books, tarot, and oracle cards and really started my crystal-healing journey.

I love the memes when they talk about doing potions and playing with dirt when you were kid. That was me. I remember looking up spells, love spells and such, and playing with the rocks outside my great-grandparents home. I believe this has always been who I was. I am still learning and quite certainly, a beginner. I love reading history, facts, stories of experiences about Wicca, Pagans, Celtic history, and so on. We are so very grateful that we have created an environment, a Coven, of women and men that have the same interest. Filled with different knowledge and experience. I love it and will forever be grateful that Teaghan came to me with the plan to start a business. I love that its just so much more than a business. It is a community.

- Stephanie

Hello all!  As Stephanie stated, we wanted to write a blog to introduce ourselves and how we came to be Eclectic Coven, LLC.  I was always a believer in metaphysics.  As far back as I can remember, I was always in love with the Moon and its phases.  I knew there was something mystical about it.  I loved astrology and learning about my sign, a Gemini.  I also knew I had a gift long ago.  I called myself “the human lie detector” because I just knew, with every fiber of my being, when someone was being deceitful.  I could also read energies.  I remember being in elementary school and almost being able to read a person’s thoughts.  I was reading their energies.  I grew up cultivating that, although it did scare me.  At one point, I wanted to become an FBI Psychological Profiler because I felt that I could easily do that job. 

However, life took me in another direction.  I put my spiritual life on hold for a few years.  That changed after I met Stephanie in 2014.  We began cultivating our spiritual lives both together and separately.  I grew up being raised Roman Catholic – however, I never really felt like I fit in.  As I grew spiritually, I began to explore all religions and theistic ideologies.  I kept collecting information on different practices and took courses at one of our local shops here on Long Island.  I learned how to mediate and chant the Sri Yantra.  I learned past-life regression.  I learned how to grid with crystals.  I grew hungrier and hungrier for more information.  One night in particular was very profound.  I heard a voice telling me I was a Witch and that it was okay to be one.  I learned after that was a “calling.”  Either you have one or you do not.  The calling is an internal voice that gets louder and louder.  In my opinion, you cannot ignore an internal voice.  I have a strong Irish heritage.  It is in my blood and I am not ashamed to embrace it.  I feel that I do not need to categorize myself as a particular witch; i.e. Green Witch, Kitchen witch, Wiccan, Pagan, Hoodo, Voodo etc.  I am what I am and that is all.  I began working with crystals.  I would shop for specific crystals I knew were associated with what I wanted to manifest.  For example, after a history of bad and failed relationships, I knew I wanted to manifest true love with the right person.  I started working with Rose Quartz and told the Universe the kind of person I was looking for and I was very specific.  Shortly after, it came to me.  I began building altars and crystal grids.  I started making money bowls and spell jars.  I learned to read Tarot and Oracle.  I learned divination via different tools such as pendulums and scrying.  I began casting spells.  I dabble in it all. 

As Stephanie stated, we always knew we wanted to do something with our craft.  We started Eclectic Coven and our home base was Facebook.  Ironically, and we do not believe in coincidences, our business came official in the state of New York on October 31, 2019.  We started out selling crystals and metaphysical supplies on live feeds and posts.  We worked hard on our business by finding top quality crystals and supplies to sell via Facebook live and eventually started our website all within one year.  The best part of it all is building the community we have.  On our live sales, we laugh hysterically.  We play drinking games (even though I do not drink – I use tea!).  For some of us, it is as if we have known each other our whole lives. We have established true friendships with people we have never met. It has been one of the greatest blessings in our lives and we love what we do.

- Teaghan


  • I’ve registered account and have purchased but where do I subscribe?

    by Kristi Holdsclaw
  • Love you ladies!!!

    by Mandi Noah
  • I suffer from anxiety and depression. I tried medication, therapy and meditation. I had a worry stone and it broke. So u sell them? Which stone would u suggest. I had a friend I met in Colorado who introduced me to Wiccan. Did u ever rwad the Mists Of Avalon. Great book. Its mixed with history and fiction.

    by Lucianna

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