How to Work with Crystals; Crystal Grids, Altars, and More

You’ve bought your first pretty crystal.  You love looking at it and you feel some type of energy coming from it but you’re not sure what to do next.  We’ve all been there.  I remember when I was given my first Amethyst.  It was a necklace and I thought it was beautiful and loved wearing it.  I was told it was great for sobriety and restful sleep.  Sure enough, I bought a larger piece of Amethyst and put it on my bedside table hoping that it would help me fall asleep fast.  Although I did feel a sense of peace, it was nothing like taking a sleep medication and passing out.  Bummed, I decided that it doesn’t work and that people who believe it does are experiencing some sort of placebo effect – or they are just crazy.  Years later, I would become the crazy crystal lady.  This is because I learned how to use them to better my life.

I was told by an acquaintance that certain crystals can help with dream recall.  She showed me this beautiful Clear Quartz piece and insisted it would help with remembering my dreams if I grabbed it after I slept.  She offered me the piece and I accepted - ONLY because I thought the piece was just beautiful.  A few weeks later, I had a dream that was like no other dreams I’ve had before in my life.  The Quartz piece was on my bedside table with my Amethyst.  I am going to get a little creepy here – so if you like creepy, stick with me.  If not, I’ll hopefully see you later (LOL)!  In my dream, I woke up in a strange house on the floor.  I knew that I had woken up to a dead body next to me, but I could not see who it was.  I called out “This person is dead.  This is a dead body.  Who is it?”  I remember feeling in my dream that the person was important to me, but I was frustrated because I could not see who it was.  I woke up at 4 am, grabbed that Quartz, and stared into space just soaking that dream in.  Later that day, I received a phone call from a friend named Dan.  When I saw his number on my phone, I felt a pit in my stomach.  I answered the phone, heard his voice (he had clearly been crying), I just knew he was about to tell me something.  “He’s dead.”  I knew who “he” was.  It was someone very important to me, someone I will never forget, someone very dear to my heart, and someone who truly changed my life.  He died in his home – around the time I had that dream.  I knew that was my departed friend visiting me in my dream, telling me he was no longer with me in the physical.  I have been longing for a paranormal experience like this my whole life, but I never realized it would hurt so much.  Although it hurt, it was beautiful.  It was a goodbye.  Invaluable.  I whole heartedly do not believe I would have had that experience had I not had those crystals on my bedside table while I was sleeping.  I had to investigate it more.  What I found out is that Amethyst is a stone strongly associated with the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye.  It may not give you restful sleep.  It may even give you lucid dreams.  Clear Quartz is a Master Healer and an amplification stone.  It can amplify your energy as well as the energies of surrounding crystals.  I know, with every fiber of my being, that the two crystals provided me with the ability – a clairvoyance experience – that I would not have had.  They gave me a goodbye.

A few months passed by, and I wanted some more experiences.  I was ready for love and started working with Rose Quartz – the “Ultimate Love Stone.”  You can read more about my experience with Rose Quartz in another blog on this site. Rose Quartz brought me to the man I am with now.  We now live together, raise our family, and just welcomed a new baby.

If I went through every crystal that I have worked with to help manifest the badass boss lady I am today – a woman who now has everything I ever wanted, I would need to write a book.  This is only a blog and I certainly do not want to bore you.  So, let’s get to the point of this blog: How to use your crystals.


Say you know what you are looking for; love, money, protection, increasing your psychic abilities (and yes, we all are capable – not just the gifted ones but I will save that for another blog), a new job, motivation, etc.  Look up the metaphysical and/or spiritual properties of crystals and find the one that matches your interest and buy a small piece.  For example, when I was looking for love I bought a Rose Quartz palm for $15.  I held it as much as possible, slept with it under my pillow, meditated with it, brought it with me to the beach and charged it under the sun, put it out under the full moon to charge.  Sure enough, two potential prospects randomly showed up in my life – one of those prospects is who I am still with to this day and still very much in love with.  You can email us at and ask us which crystal we suggest working with – we have tons of experience now.

Building altars is another way to really get some use out of your crystals.  Yes, crystals communicate with you AND with each other.  When you build an altar, the crystals you place near each other work together to amplify your intention and work harder to bring forth what you are manifesting.  That Rose Quartz palm I just mentioned turned into a love altar.  I used my vanity because self-love is essential and is the perfect place for a love altar (but you can really use anything, a small table, bookshelf, whatever you have available).  I added Rose Quarts flames, palm stones, free forms, and a huge sphere.  I also added Rhodonite, Ruby Zoisite, Pink Opal, Pink Tourmaline, Danburite, Clear Quartz, Fire Quartz and more.  Make your altars personal by adding other objects and pictures to it – trust me, it really helps.

I also built a prosperity altar out of a bookshelf.  On the top tier was my prosperity crystal grid – I will get to that shortly.  On the second tier was my money bowl (another blog on that to follow) along with several crystals of Natural Citrine – the ultimate prosperity stone, Moss Agate, Flower Agate, Dendritic Agate, Green Aventurine, Tiger Eye, Carnelian, Pyrite, Garden Quartz, Pink Amethyst, and more.  A year after building that altar, I now have the position in my company that I have wanted since the day I started – a position that is very hard to get and I also own my own successful business.  Money is no longer a concern of mine and for a divorced single mom (prior to combining lives with my boyfriend) that was, and still is, a big deal.  Life changing.

Meditating with crystals is a must.  This is easier than you think.  Even if you suck at meditating like I do, you will still be absorbing all the crystal’s energy into your body.  A few years ago, my immediate family suffered deeply from a betrayal.  This betrayal caused immense pain and spiraled into an even larger ordeal.  I know that Rhodonite is known to be the Rescue Stone because of its healing ability to mend broken hearts.  Golden Healer is also a wonderful crystal to work with as its vibrational frequency is very high, but also subtle at the same time.  It also heals all the chakras starting with the crown.  I meditated with those two crystals regularly and found myself to be the most stable out of all my family member and I healed the fastest. 

When I wanted to enhance and increase my psychic abilities, I meditated with Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite, and the best of all – Azurite.  Believe me, it not only worked, but it was also, and still is, POWERFUL.  Proceed with caution!  Make sure you are ready for these experiences.

When I pull my tarot cards, or doing any sort of psychic channeling work, I have certain crystals by me.  I always have Blue Apatite because I am communicating with higher realms, Rainbow Moonstone because I cannot do anything concerning psychic channeling without that stone, Azurite, and always a protection stone like Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, or Jet.

Last, but certainly not least, is Crystal Gridding.  Many of our customers always ask us about gridding.  I remember the first time I heard about it.  I was super confused.  But I learned fast and so can you.  Gridding is something I always do during the New Moon.  The New Moon is the best time to get your manifestation on which is the purpose of crystal gridding.  I have included a picture of what a crystal grid can look like.  You can buy a grid, or just make one on any natural surface.  There are so many different geometrical shapes you can use, but you can also keep it simple.  In this blog, I am just keeping it basic and simple.

Crystal Grids:

When assembling a crystal grid, it is always best to follow your intuition. However, most Crystal Grids include a central stone, surrounding stones, amplification stones, and any objections of importance.

The Center Stone:  When you make a Crystal Grid, the center stone acts as the anchor for the Grid’s energy center, the nucleus, the powerhouse, and the antennae, which is what broadcasts your intention into the universe. The center stone is generally the largest piece in the grid or the highest vibrational.  In most cases, it is best to use a Clear Quartz.  However, you can use other crystals.  I mostly use Clear Quartz because it is the Master Healer and can be programmed for any intention.  In my prosperity grid, I use Natural Citrine.  I have also used Rose Quartz in my love grid and Obsidian in my protection grid.  Feel free to get creative and follow your intuition – but you can never go wrong with Clear Quartz.

The Surrounding Stones: These are the crystals that will be arranged in the geometric shape around the center stone. How many you need will depend on how simple or complex you would like to make the grid, as well as the basic shape you have chosen.  These act as satellites, receiving and broadcasting the intention into the world. 

The Amplification Stones: These are typically Quartz Points or Tumbles placed in a corresponding outer grid or alternatively placed in geometric points between the Surrounding Stones. These serve to transmit energy from the Center Stone to the Surrounding Stones.

Objects of Importance (Optional): This can be an item, a photo, a note of intent to the universe, herbs, spices, etc.


Use a crystal or metal wand or a pendulum to extend your energy field for the purpose of transmitting your intention to the grid and directing the grids energy from the center stone to the surrounding stones and amplification stones

Before activating your grid, it is best to come up with a clear, concise statement for what you want to manifest. Repeat the statement out loud and direct your wand or hand to the center stone. Visualize it lighting up with your intention and the influx of energy. Then go around and "connect the dots" with your wand, hovering over each crystal in your grid.


Let your grid do the rest of the work.  Keep it there until the Full Moon and reflect on where you were when you created the grid, and you will be in awe once you reflect and see all that has come your way since you created that grid.  You can leave your grid up there, but I like to charge my crystals under the Full Moon and grid again when it’s the New Moon.

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There are many ways that you can use your crystal.  Like I said, I would need to write a book if I covered all the ways to use and work with your crystals.  This blog is to show you the most common and practical ways to get the most out of your crystals, especially if you are a novice.  Believe me, you will be an expert in no time.  All it takes is some intuition and interest – the journey will unfold before your very eyes.  Crystals have changed our lives and we know they will change yours too.  If you have any questions, please email us at or contact us on Facebook or on Instagram

Love, Light, and Your Best Life,

Teaghan and Stephanie

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