Rituals & the Full Moon

Most people associate the Full Moon with a time of the month where humans start to behave erratically. Whether a believer in magick or not, you might often hear a person say “must be a full moon tonight” when encountering a strange situation. Those of us, who understand and embrace how the ebb and flow of planetary movements and lunar phases affect us, have tools we can utilize to harness these energies to our advantage. 
Our Full Moon tonight is a special gift. It is a Harvest Moon (being the closest Full Moon to the Autumnal Equinox) and it is also a Blood Moon, representing the Blood of the Hunt, and the Autumn leaves turning red. It is a low-hanging moon, meaning the awesome Red-Orange color will be most apparent at Moonrise. We celebrate this unique moon with our own Full Moon rituals. Most of us already practice rituals in our everyday lives without even realizing it. For example, when you wake up in the morning do you tend to do the same thing? Roll out of bed, brush your teeth and make a cup of coffee or tea? Do you have an evening routine or a skin care ritual? It might not always be the exact same, but is it similar? These routines are rituals! 
Some people who utilize crystal healing will charge their crystals under the Full Moon. This is a great practice and we do the same. However, we should be mindful about planetary movements as well. For example, I might avoid doing so if Mercury is in retrograde because I do not want my crystals to receive chaotic energy. This is personal to the individual. You do not have to do as I do. 
Another ritual is making moon water. All you need is a mason jar and either fresh or purified water. If you do not have fresh or purified water, you can use water from your tap. Place the jar of water outside and allow it to collect the moon’s energy overnight. Again, you might want to avoid full moon’s where the energy is more chaotic than others. There are many things you can do with moon water. You can anoint your crystals with it (the ones that are safe to get wet - you can easily look up that information). You can drink it daily, or as needed, when you need some extra magick or energy, reminding yourself of your power. You can also create a smudge spray with it. 
Releasing rituals work best with the Full Moon because the Moon will begin to wane.  New Moons are the best times to manifest and Full Moons are the best time to release. Releasing what no longer serves us is the best way to reach our highest potential and enable us to manifest more into our lives.  It can be as simple as using a candle, a bay leaf or a piece of paper and a bowl. Write down what you are releasing. Is it an emotional attachment to someone or some thing? Is it an idea that is not working? Is it an unhealthy habit? Light your candle and write it all down. Keep it clear and concise so that the universe understands you. Take your bay leaf or your paper and light it on fire with the flame of your candle while reciting a Full Moon releasing mantra. Here’s one example: “With this Full Moon, I release these things which no longer serve my purpose or my highest good. I am not afraid to let go. In their place, I receive love, joy and abundance. So it is (or so might it be, whichever you please).”
You can get creative and make your own rituals. These are just some ideas to guide you and help you get started. Take one step at a time and as you get more familiar with lunar phases, you will get a comfortable with your rituals and be able to maximize your power. 
Blessed Be,
Teaghan & Stephanie

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