New Year Manifestation Ritual

How many times have you made New Year resolutions that you’ve never completed?  How frustrating is it to want to commit to something, to achieve a goal, so badly and not be able to see it through?  We’ve all been there.  In fact, I have never met one person in all my life who has met all their New Year resolutions during their lifetime.  Now you can because we have an answer.

First, let’s take a moment to review this past year.  In the United States, we saw promise of change with this pandemic.  We felt ourselves getting closer to returning to life as we always knew it; not wearing masks everywhere we went, traveling safely, visiting our loved ones without fear.  And here comes this new variant that put a huge damper on that hope.  So many of us developed anxiety of all sorts; fear of getting sick, fear of getting others sick, social anxiety because we are so used to isolation – the list goes on. Dealing with all of this it can seem impossible to be the manifestation warrior that we know you are.  Remember, the magic is still within you.

Here are a few simple rituals that we all can find time to practice:

Reflection and Gratitude:

Pay your respects to 2021.  Listen, we all endure and encounter some not so pleasant and possibly devastating events each year.  Let’s ignore that pain for now and look for the good and only the good right now.  What blessings came to you in 2021?  Did you buy or sell a house?  Pay off a credit card bill?  Start a new relationship?  Make a new friend?  Lose five pounds?  Find twelve things that came to you this past year that you appreciate, write them down, and give thanks to the Universe for sending those blessings your way.  We use the number twelve because there are twelve months of the year.  If you cannot find twelve things/events/moments to appreciate right now, that is okay.  Do not worry, you will get there.  For now, write down as many as you can and give thanks. 

Honor and Let Go:

After you’ve completed the Reflection and Gratitude ritual, take a few moments to reflect on the not so pleasant events that occurred.  It does not matter how big, small, petty, or mature your feelings are; they are your feelings and they’ve stuck with you for a reason.  We call this resentment.  In a metaphysical sense, resentments are stagnant energy that are blocking you from creating magic in your life.  Let. It. Go.  Easier said than done, we know.  Again, we have an answer.  Hanging on to these resentments prevents you from manifesting the good.  It clogs up space in your aura and energy force and blocks new blessings from entering.  Write down your resentments, acknowledge your pain, get it all out. For example, did someone break your heart?  Did you get into a car accident?  Did someone you love pass away or become ill?  Did someone say something one time that hurt your feelings?  Anything that you find yourself replaying in your mind and getting angry or hurt as you do so is what you need to write down.  Some of us will have pages full.  After you’ve transferred them from your soul to your paper, go over each resentment and reflect on what it has taught you.  I am going to share a few personal experiences with you because I truly want you to grasp on how healing this process is and how necessary it is to make space for new blessings.  I did this in 2018 where I had endured a terrible break up which resulted in me handing back my engagement ring.  After I grieved, I knew I wanted to grow.  I asked myself “what has this relationship taught me about life and about myself?”  Forget about him; bless them, change me.  I saw in myself what I needed to change so that I could be a healthier and better version of myself in my next relationship.  After that discovery, I gave thanks to the Universe for that awful experience because without it, I would never have had the opportunity to grow in the way that I did.  Another experience I will share is that I have a difficult family member who enjoys putting others, especially me, down at every opportunity.  This person seems to successfully get the better of me and bring the worst out in me every time.  This year I am recognizing that I have no control over this person – I cannot change them, I cannot make them stop saying hurtful things, I cannot make them less selfish – but I can stop myself from getting so hurt.  I can stop myself from reacting the way that I do.  I am the type of person that can react like a Rottweiler when provoked.  I am also the type of person that feels remorseful for my reaction, even though it was completely justified.  Being an empath is rough, y’all.  Therefore, I am giving thanks to these tough encounters with this person.  I now am wiser because of it.  I have come to understand that I cannot change people, I can only change myself.  No person in this world is worth getting the better of me.  I do not have to react.  I do not have to get ugly.  I can grab my Amazonite, speak calmly and clearly and walk away.  I have just created space by letting go of that negativity and turning it into a lesson learned and a wiser and better me.  If this person were a friend, I would cut that cord.  There is no room in any of our lives for negative friends.  However, family is family and we do not always have the option to completely eradicate people from our lives but we can protect our auric sphere.

After you’ve completed those two steps, you are ready for the third ritual; making a vision board of what you want to achieve in 2022.  We made ours!  Be bold and be clear.  Do it the old-fashioned way.  Take a large sheet of oak tag, cut out images of what you want to manifest and paste that on your vision board.  The Universe wants and needs you to be clear about what you want.  So, write on that vision board as well.  For example, I have four kids (two stepchildren, but they live with us, and I consider them my own).  We welcomed our newest addition, our new baby boy, in October of 2021 (believe me, that is on my gratitude list).  However, we have absolutely outgrown our home.  I want a huge, beautiful home.  I found an image of a home I love, in the town, I want to live in and pasted that on my vision board.  Underneath the image, I wrote “I will have a five-bedroom home where every member has their own large bedroom by October 2023.”  Be bold, be clear, be courageous.  No desire is unrealistic and having any doubts is clogging up your space for manifesting.  If you find yourself thinking “this will never happen,” you are right, it won’t – because you just put that smog-filled energy out there all up in your space.  The moment you find those thoughts creeping in, turn it around IMMEDIATELY.  Say out loud “I WILL HAVE (whatever it is you want).”  Better yet, say “I already have (whatever it is you want).”  This is an essential role in the Law of Attraction.  Place that vision board where you will see it every day.  Mine is on my wall.  Some are afraid to do that which is understandable.  Not every person wants other people to see their desires.  If that is the case, put it somewhere you can look at it every day.  Take two minutes to review your board first thing in the morning and then put it away and look at it again before you go to bed at night.

The last and final step that I whole-heartedly recommend is make some type of altar with crystals that will represent your intentions.  We strongly recommend you read our other blog:  You can use a bookshelf, your end table, a desk, a corner of your dresser – whatever you have available and place crystals that are a representation of your desires.  Need to generate more money?  Add Citrine, Pyrite, Moss Agate, Green Aventurine, etc.  Always add a Flower Agate and a Garden Quartz because they are the ultimate manifestation stones regardless of what you are manifesting.  Looking for love?  Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Garnierite, Ruby Zoisite, etc.  Looking to protect yourself from negativity?  Jet, Black Tourmaline, Selenite, Obsidian, etc.  The possibilities are endless. This will be where you pay homage every day to your desires.  Add to it throughout the year.  Take care of it.  Charge your crystals under the Full Moon.  Kiss your crystals!  Meditate with one every so often.  I am a crazy crystal lady because I have experienced their powers when my intentions are made clear to them.  Their energies amplify my intention and assist on bringing what I desire to me.

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Blessed Be,

Teaghan and Stephanie

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